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Are Vessel Sinks out of Style?

Vessel sinks are often named vanity bowl sinks. This type of sink is separate from the washbasin countertop. Most other sinks are built into the sink, so the top of the sink is flush with the countertop. Vessel sinks are unique in that the bottom of the sink lines up with the top of the countertop and connects at the drain. For some shapes, the entire bottom of the bowl rests on the washbasin countertop, but only a small portion of the bottom of the round-bottomed vessel sink is attached to the countertop. Therefore, vessel sinks are most commonly found in bathrooms because they are not durable enough to withstand the needs and demands of the kitchen. Unique vessel sinks are constantly following the fashion trend. This blog mainly explains different styles of the vessel sink, the collocation of the space for washing and gargling, and some common questions.

Unique Vessel Sinks
Rustic Vessel Sink

A unique bathroom sink awaits in a softer bathroom. This time, a rustic vessel sink stands on the vanity top. Bathrooms should maintain the same rustic, pure, and crisp style. Hence, even though this vessel sink is not easy to maintain, the effect is still attractive. In combination, a rustic vessel sink and creamy bath vanity will make the bathroom look clean and aesthetically pleasing. Transformed into a country oasis, the bathroom is imperfect but supremely elegant, set off by an irregular rustic vessel sink. Furthermore, vanity also becomes functional and unique when rustic design and versatility are wonderfully combined. For clients who prefer a traditional style bathroom, the combination of a rustic vessel sink, a wooden comb, and a traditional faucet will define a work of country art.

Modern Vessel Sink
The white bathroom ambiance is loved by many newlyweds. A modern vessel sink is without a doubt one of the most popular options on the market. Especially prevailed in the US market, its sales have become the top three bathroom washbasins in the United States. Similar to a traditional pedestal sink, the modern vessel sink can be paired with a wooden sideboard or a white vanity.

White Rectangular Vessel Sink

If you are not interested in round designs, a white rectangular vessel sink will be your first choice. A rectangular vessel sink is a great design that does not require extensive remodeling. Their sleek lines make them the perfect partner for Scandinavian styles. Also, the large size of the capacity emphasizes the perfect utilization of the bathroom. In addition, the pristine white and rustic wooden design will ignite the natural ambiance of the bathroom. The boxy, white vessel sink is more contemporary while being glazed and sturdy. The white rectangular vessel sink perfectly complements the vanity space of the bathroom. 

Decorative Porcelain Vessel Sink

As a representative and artistic heritage of ancient China, the blue and white porcelain vessel sink perfectly combines the classic color combination of white and blue. Orderly tonal changes reveal effortless timelessness and artistry. This decor is a great embellishment to the bathroom space and can be considered as an individual option. There is no shortage of artistic combination of blue and white in many famous interior design projects. Therefore, when they appear in an elegant style bathroom, the whole space will create a luxurious and retro atmosphere. Porcelain vessel sinks look both classic and modern. You can pair it with white vanity for harmonious coordination. Of course, an even bolder idea would be to paint the countertop blue, which would make a traditional porcelain vessel sink present to be more vibrant.

Stone Vessel Sink
Stone vessel sinks have become the latest trend in the modern bathroom with their simplicity and elegance. Natural stone sinks are easy to clean and inherently rustic as well as vintage. The mosaic vessel sink is charming and sexy. Cream marble is silky and refined. Due to its natural characteristic, every stone vessel sink is different in color. What you have is unique.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Vessel Sinks

Vessel sinks are slightly different from the typical sinks we are used to. There are pros and cons in use, style, maintenance, flexibility, etc.

STYLE - The style of the vessel sink is elegant and versatile. Even with low upfront costs, the vessel sink can reveal a big surprise. Vessel sinks are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes, helping coordinate with other stylish elements in the bathroom.

FLEXIBILITY - Similar to ease of installation. The flexibility of a vessel sink is convenient for installation. Since there is no need to cut anything other than drain holes, the sink will not get stuck on a specific size or shape. The unique vessel sink can be easily switched to follow user needs and trends.

INSTALLATION - For vessel sinks, installation can be reckoned as a breeze. Most sinks require to be cut and professionally installed. Whereas for vessel sinks, just a drain hole in the washbasin countertop where the sink sits directly.
EXTRA SPACE - A vessel sink can add enough extra space. First, counter space for sinks is more spacious, leaving extra space around the edges. In addition, there is an increased space under the countertop because the bowl will not fall into it. The under-counter space adds room for extra drawer or cabinet space.

OVERFLOW - Usual sinks have an overflow drain on the side, but vessel sinks do not. This signifies that the water in the vessel sink is prone to overflow without timely observation. This results in the need for special drains, which will be described in detail below.

MAINTENANCE - Maintenance of a vessel sink is a bit more troublesome than a regular one. Cleaning the edges is difficult because the point where the sink meets the washbasin countertop is at a small angle, making it hard to deal with. This may bring about additional maintenance and tools required.

DURABILITY - Vessel sinks are extremely exposed and apt to crack or chip. 
STYLE - While this style may be idiosyncratic, it can also be a con. Vessel sinks can become outdated and unattractive if not handled properly. Some designers and architects consider those sinks impractical.
HEIGHT - The rim of a vessel sink is taller than a typical sink, making it inconvenient for users of short stature to use. Height also affects how the sink functions in daily activities.

Vessel Sink Vanity Ideas
A modern bathroom vanity is a cabinet with a sink on top, and the combination of the two elements can also vary. Sometimes bathroom vanities are very simple and are mainly used to block the pipes. Therefore, they have little or no storage space. The purpose of many modern vanities is to be flexible, endowing the bathroom with a clean and streamlined look, but also providing some space to store various items.

A floating bathroom vanity exudes a large, open, and airy atmosphere. There is usually storage space under each sink, although asymmetrical designs are all the rage these days. A vanity with just one sink is pretty big too. It can have a long countertop that can hold various items, such as toiletries, flower pots, towels. Not all cabinets are vanity, and this design illustrates that well.

Other elements that can help organize bathroom vanities into different categories include the materials they are made of and the finishes applied. Wood is common and a very versatile material that suits all styles. If you want a DIY bathroom vanity, and you want to create your own custom design from scratch, wood will be a practical material to consider. Also, marble is popular countertop material. As a beautiful and timeless material, it can make any style of cabinet look sophisticated. Other less common materials include stone and metal, giving the whole a very unique look.

There is often a strong connection between bathroom vanity and a mirror, and they are often complementary. The design and geometry of the dresser and mirror add some energy to the room. The bathroom vanity always comes with a mirror. In some cases, a double vanity can have one large mirror or two small and separate mirrors. Lighted mirrors are often preferred in modern and contemporary bathrooms. It has a clean and simple look. The mirror provides uniform and pleasant lighting and can also set a welcoming aura in the room. Alternatively, a dresser with mirror lights in the form of wall sconces or pendant lights looks really delicate and sophisticated. 

Vessel Sink and Faucet Combo

Another consideration is to match a proper bathroom faucet for this type of sink. Vessel sink faucets can be deck mounted or wall mounted. However, they differ in size from standard faucets. Typically, deck-mounted faucets for vessel sinks range in size from 11 to 17 inches tall. The faucet comes with a “curved neck” for easier hand washing and can collocate with taller sink bowls. It is important to ensure that the water flow is located directly in the center of the sink when installing. This will help avoid unnecessary splashing. 

The Vessel Sink & A Deck Mounted Faucet

H4116 of HUCKLE, as a deck-mounted bathroom faucet, can be matched perfectly with unique vessel sinks. The elongated visual sense enriches the imagination of the bathroom. This uniquely designed faucet can be served as an independent part, standing upright next to the vessel sink like a warrior, leaving more space for personalized decoration. The curved neck and slender body, up to nearly 12 inches long, fit the shape and height of the faucet for a vessel sink. A minimalist and sophisticated finish matches contemporary and modern vessel sinks, to be textured and stylish. Encircling the exquisite mode, ordinariness and exception match up well.

The Vessel Sink & A Wall Mounted Faucet
A minimalist wall-mounted faucet frees up more space for other toiletries. The greatest adaptability of this faucet is that it does not have to consider whether its height fits the vessel sink. Just sand and install in the exact spot above the sink, while this process requires a professional.

Question1: Can we put a vessel sink on any vanity?
Answer1: We can put a vessel sink on any vanity as long as the washbasin countertop, height, and piping are consistent with the sink. There are vanities on the market that are specially designed for unique vessel sinks. When purchasing, not only need to consider your preferred style but more importantly, the height of vanity.

Question2: Is it essential to choose a vessel sink before buying a vanity?
Answer2: When choosing a vessel sink, you need to consider its suitability. Although as a countertop basin, it saves a lot of space. But you need to make sure the countertop is big enough for the sink. Measure the vanity's width, length, and length from the bottom of the mirror to the edge of the sink ahead of time. Also, you will need a professional to help you with the installation.

Question3: Does the vessel sink need a particular drainpipe?
Answer3: Unique vessel sinks do not have overflow drain holes, yet a typical drain has the main drain and an overflow drain connection. To accommodate the absence of an overflow drain, a special drain with only one pipe needs to be installed. This drain needs to drain at the proper velocity by adding ventilation, thereby the water will not overflow the sink on account of the slow drainage.

Vessel sinks are still a stylish option if the proper style is chosen. In many cases, a vessel sink is not the best selection for a functional bathroom, but it underlines a rare and unique design. Through the application of diverse materials and shapes, the evolution of sink designs has been keeping pace with changing trends. As vessel sinks come in more shapes, sizes, and designs, they can expand into more styles, keeping vessel sinks relevant.